MM-16 NIR spectroscopic ellipsometer

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Horiba has released its MM-16 NIR spectroscopic ellipsometer, designed for thin film characterisation - determining thicknesses, optical constants (n,k) and the optical bandgap of materials, using wavelengths of 515-1000nm.

The MM-16 NIR features a CCD detection system for rapid and accurate measurement down to 1s per determination, and a 200µm microspot allows characterisation of patterned samples. When fully automated the system provides fast uniformity mapping of film thickness and optical constants.

The design of the MM-16 NIR is such that it may be configured in several ways, including with a 200 x 200mm mapping stage, or a compact integrated goniometer. It can also be integrated into production lines for in-line quality control of production processes, or mounted in-situ on process chambers for thin film thickness control of deposited or etched layers. An optional spectroscopic reflectometer may be incorporated into the design for added capability.

The MM-16 NIR is controlled by the DeltaPsi2 software platform that is common to all Horiba Jobin Yvon thin film metrology tools. DeltaPsi2 software provides display of mapping results on semiconductor wafer and glass panels, statistical analysis of data, import/export package function, and data reprocessing capabilities.

The MM-16 NIR is designed to be an easy-to-use, rapid and versatile ellipsometer for demanding research, process development and industrial applications in the photovoltaic, optoelectronic and telecommunication area.