Model 762 seed laser diode driver

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Analog Modules has released an OEM seed laser diode driver, Model 762, from AMI. The programmable drivers (pump laser diode drivers) are ideal for driving 14-pin butterfly packaged laser diode modules for use in CW or pulsed fibre MOPA systems. Applications include materials processing, lidar systems for remote sensing, laser communication and range-finding.

The driver circuitry operates from a single +5V power source and is capable of providing up to 2.5A of drive current with compliance voltages up to 2.5V. Pulse widths down to 20ns or less are possible with typical optical pulse rise-times of 10ns. Settings can be made through analogue operation by the use of multi-turn potentiometers and providing an external TTL trigger pulse or through the on-board FPGA, which contains a comprehensive pulse generation system. The board includes a bidirectional PID thermoelectric cooler controller, provides sensing for a back facet monitor and outputs a digital laser fire indicator pulse and scaled analogue output. RoHS and military versions are available.