Model 7643

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The McPherson high-voltage power supply series now features a 10,000 volt configuration, the company has announced. The 10-kilovolt model joins the one, two and 5-kilovolt versions that are used for a variety of purposes within laboratory environments, such as powering photomultiplier tubes, electron multipliers, and microchannel plates.

Like existing models, the 10kV Model 7643 is highly regulated and very stable, and voltage is set at the front panel by a precise 10-turn potentiometer. The easy-to-read 4.5-digit LCD display allows users to confidently set and deliver high voltage levels with 0.001 per cent p-p regulation. Furthermore, the instrument rear panel features a scaled analogue input for remote control and a current monitor output.

The new Model 7643 10,000 volt power supply operates sensitive photomultiplier tubes and related devices for critical photometric and spectroscopy applications. The Model 7643 10-kV power supply is the largest in this series of power supplies.