Precision-moulded aspheres

Docter Optics has introduced a range of precision-moulded aspheres produced to feature tolerances that permit use for reproduction applications. The company states that these are the first aspheres to have been produced to these tolerances on an industrial scale, adding that the components have already proven their value in practical application.

Conventional optical components that must be ground and polished can now be replaced by moulded components in some applications, allowing OEMs to achieve a significant reduction in the cost of such systems. This opens up completely new prospects for medium-range and high-volume optical products.

Docter Optics uses a precision speed moulding process to produce free-form lenses, light pipes, and aspheres with tolerances of as little as 3µm, depending upon the geometry. Such moulded optical components not only permit more compact design in most cases, but can also be produced so that seat surfaces or adjustment/alignment marks can be moulded right into the components.

The Docter Optics Optical business unit also develops and produces optical and optomechanical subassemblies for leading OEMs and offers all services along the entire value chain. In addition, the company says, customers take advantage of these services to free up their own production resources.