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Multiwave Photonics has released the MOPA-M-1µm-20, which is part of its MOPA family of pulsed fibre lasers.

The new laser has a unique level of control of pulse characteristics, timing and laser operation, through proprietary pulses on demand and pulse gating technologies.

These features significantly increase throughput and flexibility in applications such as micromachining, precision marking, sintering, scribing, Lidar and remote sensing.

The new lasers are based on a MOPA architecture (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) that uses proven Multiwave subsystems and are packaged in a compact OEM enclosure that includes control electronics and heat management.

The MOPA-M Pulsed Fiber Lasers operate at 1µm and are rated for average powers up to 20W. Features include: pulse width from 10ns to 200ns; repetition rate from single shot to MHz and Multiwave's temporal pulse shaping technology offering the user a choice between different Pulse Profiles (combinations of pulse width and temporal shape).