Fiber Optic Source TNBS-1064

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Multiwave Photonics has released the latest addition to its Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) fibre sources family, the Tunable Narrowband Source TNBS-1064, which offers a replacement for the standard laser source used in semiconductor testing, such as Laser Voltage Probing (LVP). 

The TNBS-1064 eliminates coherence effects and artifacts associated with the laser sources normally used in these applications, thus improving signal quality and measurement throughput.

This optical source provides to the semiconductor optical probing customer a low coherence and precise tunable option, which gives him an improved sensitivity and noise immunity.

The TNBS-1064 is packaged 19-inch rack enclosure that includes control electronics, heat management and inter-lock system.

The TNBS-1064 fibre optic source, is based on Multiwave's all-fibre technology design, emits at 1,064nm and is rated for CW average powers up to 15mW.