Turnkey Diode Laser System

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The turnkey diode laser system from Coherent offers higher output power and brightness than previously available from the company. Specifically, the HB-diode system delivers 75W of power at either 808nm from a 200µm core 0.22NA (numerical aperture) fibre, or 976nm from a 400µm core 0.22NA fibre. The HB-diode system is a fully integrated, microprocessor controlled instrument that operates from 110/220 VAC, and enables user control of diode output through either a front panel keypad or electronic interface, including analog, TTL, RS-232 and RS-485.  Other convenience features include air cooling, a rack mounting option, and a coaxial, visible wavelength aiming beam. 

The high power and brightness of the new HB-Diode System, together with its reliability and ease of use, make it particularly well suited for applications in materials processing, medical therapeutics and pumping solid-state laser media. These include plastics welding, electronics soldering, solar cell contact soldering, Rb vapour pumping, RFID bonding, plastics marking, heat treating, hard drive arm heating, dermatological and dental treatments and photodynamic therapy.