CombiLine Advanced

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Rofin-Baasel has released the CombiLine Advanced, an all purpose laser marking workstation.

The CombiLine Advanced is a robust and stable laser workstation designed for production of small and medium batch sizes. The system is available in two different configurations (WT) and (RT). The WT variant incorporates a static worktable, which has a load capacity of up to 100kg, and can accommodate a work piece of 760 x 500 x 600mm in size.

The RT variant is supplied with a fully integrated 800mm diameter rotary table system, which has a load capacity of 10kg on each side. This concept enables the system to laser mark a component on one side of the table, while the other side of the table can be unloaded and re-loaded during the laser processing cycle. This concept not only saves cycle time, but also provides easy access for loading and unloading. The rotary table index time is 1.2 seconds, thus ensuring the maximum productivity from the system.

The CombiLine Advanced has a working envelope with 300mm of travel available for the laser head and beam deflection unit, from each of the integrated linear motion stages. The WT variant is supplied with three axes (X, Y and Z), while the RT variant has two axes (X and Z). The system can be further configured for even greater flexibility by adding one or more of the optional linear and rotary axes which are available. The addition of the rotary axis enables the system to laser mark around the circumference of cylindrical parts. With a wide choice of laser sources available from Rofin’s extensive range, the system can be configured for a broad range of applications and materials.

To ensure optimum working conditions and good ergonomics, the CombiLine Advanced is available configured either for seated or standing operation. The laser marking process can be monitored via the large 15-inch colour TFT touch screen monitor, which also contributes to ease of use for the operator. In addition, the integrated observation window offers a safe and direct view into the spacious operating area.

Designed with a small footprint to minimise floor space requirements, and with its extremely robust construction, the CombiLine Advanced is capable of producing high quality laser marks repeatably within an industrial environment.