Nano Vibration Analyser

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Distributor Armstrong Optical has introduced the new Nano Vibration Analyser laser microscope vibrometer from SIOS Meβtechnik to its product portfolio. The Nano Vibration Analyser is a fibre-coupled laser interferometric vibrometer integrated into a precision technical microscope, designed for dynamic studies of micro structures, MEMS and cantilevers.

Flexible sample positioning is achieved with a 50 x 50mm X/Y translation stage, and the vibrating object can also be viewed on a PC by means of a USB camera. DC deflection measurements as well as spectral analysis up to a frequency of 2MHz are possible. Amplitudes can be measured with sub-nanometre resolution. The control software controls scans and displays results of the FFT transform and allows data storage and export.

The Nano Vibration Analyser could have applications in any MEMS or microstructure lab, where it would allow the determination of vibrational spectra and shapes, along with resonant frequencies, using a non-contact approach.