NanoPositioning Piezo stages

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Newport has introduced a new line of robust NanoPositioning Piezo stages and a three-axis controller/driver, ideal for use in microscopy, imaging, lithography, interferometry, surface profilometry, laser tuning and beam steering.

The NPX linear stages are available in X, XY, and XYZ configurations. The multi-axis XY and XYZ devices utilise an advanced parallel motion principle that ensures perfect parallel and straight motion, up to 400µm travel. These stages are also maintenance-free due to the frictionless guide design.
The NPO NanoFocusing stages are mounted between the microscope and the objectives. The stages allow up to 250µm focusing range and are compatible with most microscopes and objectives.
The NPA Translators can generate large forces up to 1000N, which makes them particularly suitable for high load, dynamic applications like machine tools, active vibration or adaptive mechanics.