NanoPositioning product line

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Newport has introduced a line of nano-positioning equipment, including the company's recently introduced line of NanoPositioning Piezo stages, and a three axis controller/driver. The product family offers reliable, multi-layer, low-voltage piezoelectric transducers, and delivers nanometre resolution with low response time. Products are available with high resolution strain gage position sensors for precise and repeatable motion.

Products in the range include: the NPX linear stages, available in X, XY, and XYZ configurations; the NPO NanoFocusing stages, allowing a 250µm focusing and compatible with most microscopes and objectives; the NPA Translators, generating forces up to 1000N, making them suitable for high load, dynamic applications; and the PSM Ultrafast Piezo Steering Mirror, providing high-speed, sub-microradian resolution, tip, tilt, and z-motion for mirrors, gratings, and other optics.