NanoScan 2

Ophir Photonics, provider of precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport brand, has launched NanoScan 2, the new version of its scanning slit beam profiler.

A NIST-calibrated laser beam profiler, NanoScan 2 measures continuous wave (CW) and pulsed beams across the entire spectral range, from UV to far infrared. The system features a new USB2 interface that provides deep, 12-bit digitisation of the signal for enhanced dynamic range up to 35dB power.

An enhanced digital controller improves the accuracy and stability of measurements; beam size and beam pointing can now be measured with a 3 sigma precision of several hundred nanometres.

NanoScan 2 also features software controllable scan speed and a 'peak-connect' algorithm that allow measurement of pulsed and pulse width modulated lasers with frequencies of a few kilohertz and higher with any detector. The ability to alter the drum speed helps increase the dynamic range, allowing a larger operating space for any given scanhead.