NanoScan beam profiler

BFi Optilas, European distributor of Photon Inc's products, has announced that Photon's NanoScan beam profiler has a new feature for pulsed laser measurement.

The NanoScan is now able to measure and report the pulse frequency of the laser, which is often the unknown or not as specified by the manufacturer. Knowing the exact frequency allows the NanoScan to provide a more stable and accurate profile.

The NanoScan employs a scanning slit beam profiling technique, which provides higher accuracy and resolution than is possible with typical camera-type profilers. In terms of pulse measurement capabilities, the NanoScan features a high-resolution beam size, and an ability to perform beam position/profile measurements at repetition rates of 1kHz or higher.

Photon offers the pulsed measurement option standard with all NanoScan models. These includes the NanoScan with silicon detector for operation at 350-1000nm wavelengths, the NanoScan with germanium detector for 700-1800nm wavelengths, and the NanoScan with pyroelectric detector for 190nm-20µm wavelengths.  Beam powers can be up to 1kWatt.

The NanoScan can accurately measure continuous wave beams as small as 4µm and as large as 20mm. Minimum beam sizes for pulsed beams are dependent on the pulse frequency. The system includes a power measurement window with most models, so that beam size, beam position, beam profile, and beam power can be generated in a single measurement.