iVac 316 detector

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Andor Technology has launched a sensitive, OEM-dedicated NIR spectroscopy detector. The iVac 316 offers the latest innovation in sensor technology with high sensitivity in the NIR region, high resolution 15µm pixels and broad spectral range. The Low Dark Current, Deep Depletion (LDC-DD) technology builds on the benefits of traditional Back Illuminated, Deep Depletion (BI-DD) sensors, but offers an order of magnitude lower dark current.

Andor’s iVac 316 LDC-DD combines superb dark current performance and up to 95 per cent quantum efficiency, further incorporating fringe suppression technology for ultra-low optical etaloning.

Thermo-electric cooling down to -60oC ensures that, by simultaneously minimising dark current and maximising NIR photon collection, the best signal-to-noise can be achieved for a wide range of applications. These approaches include Raman or photoluminescence-based benchtop systems in analytical laboratories, process control in industrial environments, and the growing and demanding area of spectrally-assisted diagnostics for clinicians in the medical field.