New Focus’ GuideStar II

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Newport has announced the new Picomotor mirror-mount-based laser beam steering correction system, the New Focus’ GuideStar II.

Providing high reliability and high precision control of laser pointing and position drift, the New Focus system includes two independent Picomotor-actuated, motorised mirror mounts to provide both manual and active 4-axis control with passive stability. There are two miniature CMOS cameras that provide position sensing and continuous tracking of both laser beam positions and laser beam profiles. The system’s patented control algorithm ensures correct alignment of the laser beam in both the x and y, and near- and far-fields.

The GuideStar II controller can be connected to both cameras and to a Windows computer using the convenient USB ports. This makes it easy to view beam profiles, position and shape data in real-time, or alternatively, the data can be tracked, stored and analysed later. The included DVD software and set-up menu helps guide new users through installation. Intuitive and simple settings menus permit user control over a wide range of camera and beam stabilisation parameters.