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New PV-IV measurement components from LOT

In addition to Solar Simulators, LOT-QuantumDesign can also provide a variety of unique components for PV-IV measurement setups. By working with ReRa Solutions, a
spin-off of Radboud University Nijmegen, we have unparalleled PV expertise and
support ranging from bespoke hardware configurations, comprehensive userfriendly
software and years of metrology experience.

A selection of the PV-IV components that are available:

  • NEW high resolution 2 pin Kelvin probes for robust, reproducible cell contacting
  • Spring loaded back contact probestations for setups with multiple cells on one substrate (organics, CdTe, CIGS etc)
  •  8 or 64 channel multiplexers to automatically select individual cells under test
  •  Spring loaded pins with a variety of contact geometries (round end, chisel point, cup tip etc)
  •  Probestations that are suitable for both substrate and superstrate configuration
  •  TEC controlled probestations (dew point to 70°C)
  •  Low cost probestations
  •  New true GaAs reference cell – to reduce spectral mismatch errors

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