Zyla and iStar ultrafast spectroscopy modes

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Andor Technology has launched an ultrafast spectroscopy mode on its high-speed, low-noise Zyla and iStar scientific CMOS (sCMOS) platforms, enabling spectral rates of up to 27,000 sps, high sensitivity and high dynamic range.

The Zyla’s spectroscopy mode spectral rates are ideally suited for high resolution, low light and high dynamic range transient spectroscopy applications with tens of microsecond time-resolution. The Zyla’s > 99.8 per cent linearity and zero optical etaloning in the near-infrared yield exceptional quantitative measurement accuracy. Its multi-track mode with rates up to 6,000 acquisitions per second delivers a powerful tool for hyperspectral imaging and dual-track, kilohertz transient absorption spectroscopy.

The iStar brings together the low noise, high dynamic range and ultrafast spectral rates (up to 4,000 sps) of sCMOS technology with nanosecond time-resolution. This combination is a highly attractive choice for plasma spectroscopy, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy or pulsed fluorescence/photoluminescence spectroscopy.