New supercontinuum lasers

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Fianium has introduced what it claims are the most powerful commercial supercontinuum lasers. Three new models, SC-450-8, SC-450-8-PP and SC-450-8-VE are capable of generating over 8W of total output power at high spectral brightness over a continuous spectrum from 450nm to more than 2µm.

SC-450-8 is a quasi-continuous high-repetition rate system operating at 800MHz repetition rate. SC-450-8-PP incorporates an A/O pulse-picker to reduce repetition rate in increments (80, 40, 20, 10, 5, 2, or 1MHz) allowing optimised fluorescence lifetime measurements and imaging.

The SC-450-8-VE system is a visibly enhanced version of the 8W supercontinuum laser optimised for maximum spectral brightness in the visible portion of the spectrum. With more than 1.5W in the visible wavelength range, in a single-mode beam, the system sets a new standard for white light sources. An average visible brightness of more than 5mW/nm makes the system useful for the most demanding applications requiring high power visible light such as flow cytometry, industrial inspection, fluorescence imaging and broadband spectroscopy. It is available in fixed and variable repetition rate versions for ultimate flexibility. With the variable repetition rate option, the source is perfectly suited to both lifetime studies and steady state measurements.

All three lasers have an all-fibre design which is robust, modular and upgradeable, and uses a stable, industry-ready 19-inch rack-mounted enclosure chassis equally suitable for OEM and laboratory applications. The new lasers are a turn-key system requiring no user alignment, maintenance or adjustment. In addition the lasers are compatible with the full range of Fianium plug-and-play accessories, including the new high power wavelength selecting AOTF-HP tunable filter module, with standard visible, near-IR and IR crystal options.