New Visualize laser alignment products

Applied Scintillation Technologies (AST) has announced a number of new additions to its Visualize (VisualizeIR, VISualize and UVisualize) range of credit card style and disk products used for profile measurements and component alignment of laser and laser diode modules. The Visualize range, which utilises specialised phosphor coatings to provide a safe image of the beam for infrared, visible to near infrared and ultraviolet lasers, will feature new wavelength specific cards, in both UV and IR wavelength ranges, and new clear card versions with the target area imprinted on them.

Key new products in the infrared will include a dedicated card for operation at 1064nm for use with Nd:YAG lasers, and a card to fill in the gap between 1600nm and 2000nm. In addition there will be new disk only versions for IR, both with and without a central hole. In the UV there will be new cards for specific wavelengths in the range 100nm to 400nm.