OptiBelPro Module

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Lambda Research has released OptiBelPro, a non-linear optimisation module for its illumination design software, TracePro.

Optimising an illumination system requires a way to automatically vary model parameters to achieve specific illumination distributions and the OptiBelPro module enables such an optimisation process in TracePro. The module, developed by IB/E Optics, Hutthurm, Germany, is based on TracePro’s powerful macro language, Scheme, and offers users the flexibility to modify analysis functions and define custom merit functions to create user-defined irradiation distributions for illumination designs in TracePro. The main goal in the development of the module was to maintain optimisation versatility since the design of illumination systems can be based on a wide range of diverse requirements.

Typically, the most important illumination design requirements are maximising intensity and/or uniformity of light distribution. OptiBelPro, the non-linear optimisation module, assists TracePro users in improving their designs while increasing efficiency in ray tracing analysis and productivity in illumination system design. This new optimisation module enables optics designers to create complex and performance-enhanced illumination systems in a fraction of the time.