Optical and laser systems start-up enters the market

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A new technology start-up specialising in optical and laser systems has been announced. Born out of the closure of BAE Systems' corporate research centre in Bristol, UK, LumOptica is a new optics and laser-systems technology provider. Its three founders, Dr Craig Stacey, Dr Roy Clarke and Dr Chris Stace, have more than 90 years’ experience in optical systems engineering, from applied research though to the design and development of prototype demonstration systems.

Chief executive Craig Stacey commented: ‘Our key strength is learning our customers’ requirements and understanding their problems. By bringing a systems engineering approach we can determine the optimal solution to a problem by balancing the overall aim against technical risk, complexity and cost. We can provide solutions based on commercial-off-the-shelf components but equally we can develop bespoke components and application-specific systems.’

LumOptica offers part, or all, of the required product or process development, from concept to optical and mechanical design, through to laboratory/field demonstration; this might include feasibility studies, component or full system design, optimisation, and prototype build and test, and includes both free-space and fibre optic systems across the whole optical spectrum, from UV through to long wave infrared.  

The company also benefits from a well-established network of industry and academic partners in order to ensure innovative technical approaches and the most cost-effective solutions. Typical services include imaging and light transmission systems, with particular expertise in laser/LED based transmission and beam combining systems. LumOptica also provides consultancy and training in optical design, lasers, imaging and laser safety.