Optical Spectrum Analysers

Thorlabs has released the first product in a planned line of Optical Spectrum Analysers (OSA).

Thorlabs’ version uses a Fourier transform OSA with a scanning Michelson interferometer configuration. The result is a device that operates as both a full-featured OSA as well as a wavelength meter.

Thorlabs OSA203 features a 1000-2500nm wavelength measurement range, a spectral resolution of 7.5GHz, when used as an OSA, and it has a wavelength meter resolution of 0.2pm. An additional model, designed for measurements in the visible spectrum, will be available soon.

Thorlabs’ OSAs are provided with a laptop computer preloaded with a full software package for acquiring, inspecting, manipulating, and analysing spectra and interferograms. The software that has a customisable graphical user interface makes it easier to identify spectral features, to measure optical output power over a wavelength range, and to track many other parameters as a function of time. All of Thorlab’s OSAs will also feature an input aperture that accepts FC/PC-terminated fibres, for interfacing with Thorlabs’ tunable laser kits, pigtailed laser diodes, and fibre collimators.