SLS201/SLS202 light sources

Thorlabs has released two fibre-coupled, broadband tungsten light sources (SLS201/SLS202) for spectroscopy. The sources come in two versions, both featuring a constant intensity blackbody radiation spectrum that ranges from either 300nm to 2,600nm (Tungsten-Halogen) or 450nm to 5,500nm (Tungsten). The light sources have a built-in removable filter holder for standard 1-inch spectral filters.

The internal feedback system of SLS201 and SLS202 stabilises the light power variation to within 0.05 per cent and reduces the power drift to 0.01 per cent per hour. This allows the user to work for longer periods of time without needing to take another reference measurement.

The broadband spectral power distribution expands the applications for these light sources to the near-infrared or mid-infrared spectral range. The performance of Thorlabs' stabilised light sources makes them suitable for experiments that require high accuracy and stability, such as transmittance and reflectance measurements.

The broadband light sources can be used in research involving optical or spectral measurements, such as analysis of spectral lines in histology, spectral interferometry, fibre-optic detection of chemicals, and surface plasmon resonance. Alternatively, the removable filter holder can be used as a sample holder for material analysis.