OptiCentric 3D

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Trioptics has introduced its new OptiCentric 3D testing system and software for the complete opto-mechanical characterisation of assembled optical systems. The product integrates different lens analysis technologies and provides a valuable tool for the evaluation of complex optical systems in R&D or routine quality inspection in production.

The two-in-one solution for the detailed investigation of assembled objective lenses combines the proven centring error measurement technology integrated in OptiCentric with a low-coherence interferometer, which the company calls OptiSurf. This interferometer measures the air gaps between lens surfaces and the centre thickness of lenses within the optical system. The cross-interaction of both measurement systems allows the fast alignment of the lens system, and provides a significant increase of the overall measurement accuracy.

The system can measure centring errors to less 0.1µm, and air spacing and centre thickness to less 1µm. The software has a two level user interface for complex analysis routines in R&D phase, and an intuitive and user-friendly display for operators in the production environment.