Owl-IR LWIR F1.0 FFO lenses

LightWorks Optical Systems has introduced the Owl-IR product line. The long wave infrared (LWIR) F1.0 fixed focus objective (FFO) lenses are designed for commercial customers employing infrared technologies.

The LWIR FFO lenses offer excellent optical MTF performance for high-resolution FPA formats over a wide operating spectral range (8-14µm).

The Owl-IR LWIR F1.0 FFO lenses are camera compatible and designed with low F-number and excellent colour correction. This technology allows more light to reach the image sensor. The lenses also include internal features that significantly reduce stray light. In addition, the rugged hard carbon coating on the exterior lens surface provides excellent durability. Owl-IR products can be purchased in standard focal lengths of 18mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm.