piShaper 6_6

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AdlOptica has introduced its piShaper 6_6, the latest versions of its piShaper achromatic refractive field mapping beam shapers. The piShaper 6_6_NUV, piShaper 6_6_VIS, and piShaper 6_6_NIR are optimised to operate, correspondingly, in near-UV (335-560nm), visible (420-680nm) and near-IR (1,100-1,700nm) spectral bands.

The piShaper 6_6 converts, with nearly 100 per cent efficiency, a Gaussian laser beam into a flattop beam of low divergence while keeping a uniform intensity profile over large working distance. Achromatic design provides the same conditions of beam shaping at any wavelength of the working spectral band and allows using several lasers of different wavelengths simultaneously.

Together with other features, like flat output phase front, no internal focusing, similar input and output beam sizes, compactness, the piShaper 6_6 systems present unique solutions in techniques of life science, scientific and industrial applications, such as confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, fluorescence techniques, mass-spectrometry, holography, and micromachining.