Pharos and Orpheus

Photonic Solutions has expanded its range of Light Conversion products now distributed in the UK and Ireland with the addition of the Pharos and Orpheus ultrafast laser systems to its portfolio. These femtosecond lasers are designed for industrial and scientific applications.

Light Conversion has established itself as a manufacturer of reliable, high performance ultrafast systems and the all-new Pharos adds to this established product line. Pharos is a rugged, self contained, single-unit Yb:KGW ultrafast laser designed to deliver average power up to 15W and repetition rates of up to 1MHz. The Pharos has a compact size and easy to replace modules (oscillator, amplifier and stretcher/compressor) with temperature stabilised and sealed housings.

Pharos is quite unique in that most of its output parameters can be easily set via a control pad or computer. Tunable parameters include repetition rate, pulse energy, average power and pulse width. The feature of complete pulse-width tuning from 200fs to 10ps make it useful for a wide range of industrial applications especially in micromachining. The Hiro harmonic generators are available for the Pharos to create high power second, third and fourth harmonics of the fundamental 1030nm wavelength.

With the add-on option of the Orpheus wavelength tunable OPA, the Pharos system becomes an attractive and compact, 200nm to 20000nm tunable, femtosecond pulsed, spectroscopic tool for multiphoton confocal microscopy, non linear optics, microstructuring and spectroscopy applications.

Other lasers in Light Conversion’s ultrafast range include the new air cooled Carbide laser which is an ultra-compact, femtosecond laser for industrial and medical applications.