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Photonics Congress China to encourage international exchange and cooperation

The PHOTONICS CONGRESS CHINA will open along with the LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA. With a variety of topics, PHOTONICS CONGRESS CHINA focuses on the latest findings and development in laser processing, advanced lasers, optics, infrared imaging, laser safety, beam analysis and optical fiber lasers. The PHOTONICS CONGRESS CHINA 2018 was well accepted by the audience with its excellent quality and international participation. A total of 2,463 audiences attended the congress in 2018.

14th International Laser Processing and Systems Conference (LPC 2019)
LPC is the most authoritative academic event for laser technology and applications in Asia. The 14th LPC aims to strengthen the development of the laser industry and establish an international exchange platform for the integration of the industry, education and research. The theme of the conference is “Exploring Frontier Laser Technology to Promote the Industry”. This conference will showcase the latest developments in the global laser industry and introduce new applications of the laser processing technology in different industries in. The conference covers a vide variety of topics—from new laser beam sources to nano laser technologies.

2019 Chinese Laser Market Summit
The event takes place on March 21, 2019 at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel and is organized by the Chinese Optical Society-Laser Processing Committee (COS-LPC), Messe München, Laser Focus World and Industrial Laser Solutions. The Chinese Laser Market Summit offers a comprehensive overview and forecast of the laser markets in China and abroad. Besides a lot of strategical input, there will also be in-depth knowledge-transfer on topics such as the development of fiber lasers, diode lasers and future trends.

Optics Frontier—The 14th National Conference on Laser Technology and Optoelectronics (LTO 2019)
LTO 2019 is hosted by the China Laser Press and Messe München. In intriguing themes, the conference covers advanced all-solid-state lasers and new lasers, advanced laser materials, thin films and components, new optical fibers and devices, laser light field control, transmission and application, advanced laser processing and manufacturing technology, biophotonics and laser medicine, laser detection and laser communication, semiconductor lasers and advanced optoelectronic devices, ultrafast lasers and their applications.

The International Optical Industry Development Forum
The “International Optical Industry Development Forum” will keep up with the frontiers of international optical development and focus on the scientific optics research to enable the integration of academic and industrial findings. The forum will concentrate on precision optics and explore the application of optical technology in biomedicine and the use of photovoltaic energy and energy storage technologies in smart manufacturing.

Practice-orientated Workshop and Software Training
“Workshop on Safety of Industrial Lasers and Systems Use” is the title of a practice-orientated part of the LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA CONGRESS. The workshop includes an overview of laser safety standards in China and on an international scope. Questions on laser protection and personal injury risks will be discussed as well as safety rules, calculation of laser radiation hazard parameters and laser product classification. Well-know experts from the academia as well as industry professionals, for example from Hans Laser, will be the lectures of this workshop. Another practice-orientated part is the “Fiber Laser and Simulation Software Training”. Focusing on fiber laser, the training contents the current development of the technology as well as the technical bottlenecks in the development and the future trends.

China (Shanghai) 2019 Machine Vision Technology & Application Conference
The conference will address the latest development and applications of machine vision and AI technologies. It is sponsored by China Society of Image and Graphics (CSIG) and China Machine Vision Industry Union (CMVU) and co-organized by Machine Vision Industry Union of ZGC (ZGCMVU) and Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Infrared Detection Technology Frontier Forum
With the continuous growth of the global demand for infrared technology, the IR thermal imaging industry has developed rapidly in recent years, especially the cooling and uncooling infrared technology, which has promoted the rapid growth of the global thermal imaging camera market. A broad application potential and strong market demand has formed.

As a grand event in the optoelectronics industry in 2019, the LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2019 will attract professional visitors from the 3C electronics, automotive, aerospace, security, rail transit, chemical, medical and other related industries. Along with the exhibition, the “2019 Infrared Detection Technology Frontier Forum” will be held. The Frontier Forum will invite representatives from domestic and foreign research institutes, military and aerospace units and well-known enterprises in the infrared industry to discuss the future technology and market development of the industry.

LIDAR Technology and Application Frontier Forum
The LIDAR industry worldwide attains wide investments recently. The applications of LIDAR technology cover a wide range of fields including military, environmental science, aerospace, archaeological research, building survey and robotics. Today, LIDAR has huge opportunities in autonomous driving.

The core components of the LIDAR system include photodetector, laser, collimating lenses, scanning mirror, and digital-to-analog converter. Leading manufacturers of these sectors will gather at the LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA in March 2019. It will certainly attract leading manufacturers of lasers, optical components and sensors, as well as domestic and foreign LIDAR suppliers, experts from research institutes, automation manufacturers, automotive Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs to discuss the future trends of the LIDAR industry.

Optical Test and Metrology Frontier Forum
The conference focuses on frontier technologies, application solutions and hot topics in the field of optical testing and metrology. It provides an excellent communication and learning platform for the experts and the industry attendees. In the industrial design and manufacturing process, optical testing and metrology is an important guarantee for product quality, accuracy and performance. It is widely used in various fields such as auto-related industry, aerospace and intelligent manufacturing. In response to the “Made in China 2025” initiative, quality is first priority. Messe Muenchen Shanghai and COS-TCOM will hold the Optical Test and Metrology Frontier Forum in 2019 jointly.


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