picoREGEN UC industrial amplifier

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High Q Laser has released the picoREGEN UC-Industrial amplifier, which is a compact picosecond amplifier measuring 78 x 34cm and supplying 12ps pulses at single shot to 500kHz at 1,064nm with a power of up to 30W.

Distributed in the UK by Photonic Solutions, this high-power, ultra-fast regenerative amplifier has been specifically designed and tested to meet industrial demands, with turnkey operation, TTL triggering from single pulses up to a repetition rate of 500kHz at constant pulse energy, excellent robustness and reliability, a single 19-inch all-in-one control unit, and a design goal of 12 months maintenance interval.

Ideal for high speed micro- and nano-processing without thermal effects, the picoREGEN UC-Industrial can be used in a wide range of applications in areas such as micro/nano processing, precise laser ablation in metals and ceramics, semiconductor processing such as thin film ablation, medical life sciences, ultra-fast spectroscopy and non-linear optics.