Piezoelectric line

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Thorlabs has expanded its piezoelectric line to include new types of piezoelectric actuators, low]voltage piezoelectric chips, and discrete stacks with through holes, enabling a higher level of flexibility when integrating the actuators into other devices. These chips are ideal for laser tuning, micro]dispensing, and life]science applications.

The chips can be manufactured with or without pre]attached wires, with holes ranging from Ø2.0 to Ø6.0mm, cross sections ranging from 5 × 5mm to 10 × 10mm, and thicknesses under 5mm. Stacks are available in lengths from 5 to 100mm, providing free stroke displacements up to 100μm. Our in]house manufacturing facility can also be deployed to provide custom dimensions, voltage ranges, and coatings upon request. Leveraging our high]volume production capacity allows us to fulfill high]volume quantity requests with short lead times.

The piezoelectric chips are driven under a maximum voltage of 150 V, providing maximum free stroke displacements from 1.8 to 3.0μm with sub]millisecond response time. Through a precision grinding process, the accuracy of the design height is ensured to better than ±5μm. The high accuracy makes it significantly easier to design devices around our piezoelectric chips, as it allows the users to have a loose tolerance when choosing their other components, and helps guarantee a better parallelism when employing multiple chips between two substrates.