PM-NFMS near-field goniophotometers

Pro-Lite has released its PM-NFMS family of near-field goniophotometers, providing an accessible and affordable testing solution for customers developing next generation ultra-efficient lighting.

The Radiant Imaging PM-NFMS combines a motorised goniometer stage with a ProMetric CCD imaging photometer/colorimeter, allowing the device to perform near-field angular measurement of the luminance and colour from LEDs, luminaires and solid-state lighting. PM-NFMS software automates the data acquisition, and ProSource software then scales this to far-field luminous intensity values from which standard photometric files are generated. This photometric data then defines how much light a luminaire emits and in what direction; lighting designers use this standardised data with lighting design programmes to determine the number and positioning of luminaires in order to create the desired illuminance (lux levels).

The company states that the main attraction of the PM-NFMS will be that it provides manufacturers with immediate access to an in-house test capability, without the need for independent test laboratories or large dark rooms, meaning that new products can be brought to market more quickly and at lower cost.