PowerLine Prime 15 laser marker

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Rofin's marking division has launched its PowerLine Prime 15 laser marker. The PowerLine Prime 15 comes pre-configured and ready to use on a wide range of materials and applications offering high quality and high speed. Rofin's new generation 15W air-cooled laser marker is also extremely compact and this together with a 19-inch rack mount configuration for the control system, simplifies integration into production systems.

The PowerLine Prime 15 also incorporates a pilot laser and variable beam expansion as standard. Marking fields of 120 x 120mm or 240 x 240mm enable the system to process a diverse range of component types.

The off-the-shelf concept of the PowerLine Prime series lasers means that they are available for delivery and ready to use in the shortest possible timescales, providing customers with a quick and cost effective solution to a host of classic marking applications. This pre-configured product line currently consists of the PowerLine Prime 15 and the PowerLine Prime 10, which with its 10W laser, offers high precision laser marking and fine line widths.

These latest additions to Rofin's comprehensive range of laser systems enables users to maximise the benefits of non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent marking onto many different products and materials.