PowerMax USB Wand

A new meterless laser power sensor from Coherent is configured to enable measurements at points deep within instruments and between closely spaced components.  

This is possible because the PowerMax USB Wand UV-VIS Sensor consists of a 10mm diameter silicon detector mounted on the end of a 6-inches long wand that is only 0.2-inches thick at its end.  It is suitable for measuring the average power of lasers anywhere in the 325nm to 900 m spectral range, and can sense powers from 100µW to 300mW.  

As with Coherent’s other 'meterless' products, all the meter electronics for the PowerMax USB Wand are contained within its own USB connector; the only additional equipment required to perform measurements is a PC equipped with Coherent’s Windows-based PowerMax software.

The PowerMax USB Wand also offers exceptional performance, says Coherent. In particular, it has been specifically designed to overcome the drift problems often experienced with silicon detectors operating in the UV, and delivers high stability measurements throughout its entire spectral range, together with an absolute calibration uncertainty of only ±2 per cent.