Lenses, light pipes and integrator plates

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Docter Optics is offering free-form lenses, light pipes, and integrator plates to shape and homogenised light beams.

Free-form lenses are used to combine a series of optical functions in a single lens. They can often take the place of a whole group of individual optics to achieve the same effect, reducing the number of separate optical surfaces in the system. Docter Optics can deliver free-form lenses measuring between 5 and 165mm in diameter.

Docter Optic’s light pipes are suitable for applications requiring homogenisation or concentration of light. The light pipes are available with flat, cylindrical, ellipsoid, parabolic or other custom-made boundaries.

Arrays, or integrator plates, consist of a large number of small spherical, aspherical or free-form elements or many discrete micro-lenses. Docter Optics can design and produce contours as a function of customer requirements. Sizes ranging from 10 x 10mm and 130 x 130mm are available.