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ProgRes image documentation system

Jenoptik has launched a new image documentation system for ProgRes cameras. It is easy to operate and captures images of superior quality. Equipped with a first-class macro zoom objective lens, the system records objects of 6 x 4mm² to 40 x 30cm², producing fully-sized pictures and exceeding even stereo microscopes in terms of the image field size. Its working distance ranges from 14 to 90cm with a zoom ratio of 6:1. Ergonomic manual levers are provided for precision alignment of the objective lens. The stand consists of an extremely low-vibration guiding column with a manual friction drive and weight compensation. In addition, its robust base plate of 45 x 50cm² is adequately sized to accommodate greater photographic objects.

The macro workstation may be combined with any ProgRes camera model. Specially recommended selections are the ProgRes CF scan and the C14 plus model with an image resolution up to 12.5 Megapixels.

The macro workstation is an attractive tool in applications where macroscopic objects must be reliably documented with adequate precision in detail. Besides forensic and pathologic jobs, applications include quality control, incoming goods inspection and the field of reprography.


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