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Pulsar-4 Multi-Channel Smart Head

Ophir-Spiricon has launched the Pulsar-4 Multi-Channel Smart Head to PC Interface.

The Pulsar-4 accommodates Ophir's Smart Heads and converts a PC or laptop into a full-featured laser power/energy metre. With plug and play connectivity, the

Pulsar-4 channel USB interface functions as the gateway connection between the PC and the laser/power energy meter, eliminating the need for an external display. It records pulse energies at up to 20,000Hz for all four channels simultaneously, and is designed with an external trigger that measures missing pulses or specific pulses designated by the operator.

Pulsar-4 supports up to four smart heads at once, giving operators the ability to conduct testing simultaneously or sequentially.

It is compatible with most Ophir products including thermopile, photodiode, and pyroelectric smart heads. Ophir's USBI PC software is included with each device and converts any PC into a comprehensive laser power/energy metre, with functionality such as log power and energy, averages, statistics, histograms, and more. 

ActiveX and complete LabVIEW support will be standard with the Pulsar-4.

‘Eye-safe requirements and other industry regulations have accelerated the importance of testing lasers and energy power in a wide range of applications,’ said Gary Wagner, president of Ophir-Spiricon.  



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