QDI 2010 Film microspectrophotometer

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Elliot Scientific has begun offering the new QDI 2010 Film microspectrophotometer, manufactured by Craic Technologies, to customers in the UK and Ireland. The device is intended to take measurements of thin film thickness on semiconductors, flat panel displays, MEMS and other devices.

The QDI 2010 Film is a specialised instrument developed from the existing QDI 2010 UV-VIS-NIR microspectrophotometer - combining both UV microscopy and microspectroscopy in a single tool. The QDI 2010 Film can measure the thickness of thin films covering sub-micron or larger sampling areas by either transmission or reflectance in a rapid and non-destructive fashion.

Using microspectroscopy in conjunction with specialist software, the QDI 2010 Film can analyse the film on both transparent and opaque substrates. Data analysis and recording is provided as standard, with the supplied processing routines suitable for use in a wide range of applications. If your requirements differ, the routines are easily modified to suit. Single and stacked films (up to four) can be measured down to a thickness of just a few nanometres.

The QDI 2010 Film can be combined with Craic Technologies' contamination imaging capabilities via the optional UV microscopy upgrade.