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Aerotech’s QFOCUS QF-46 piezo nanopositioning stage series enables the positioning of microscope objectives and optics at high-speeds with nanometre-level performance. It is available in closed-loop travels of 100μm and 250μm, and open-loop travels of 120μm and 300μm.

QFOCUS QF-46 is available with threaded adapters to fit most microscopes and objectives. The microscope turret mounting allows easy and fast positioning at the desired orientation. Tapped holes on the stage body provide alternative mounting for custom interfaces in machines or other optical instruments. The QF-46 is available with a clear aperture up to 29mm. Custom stage designs, travels, and threaded adapters are available.

The QF-46 is designed with next-generation optical instruments and laser machines in mind. The QF-46 can perform effectively with larger and heavier higher numerical aperture (NA) objectives due to its higher inherent stiffness. It is ideal for any demanding optical application requiring high precision and throughput with long travels.


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