Ultra-G green laser platform

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Laser Operations has introduced its Ultra-G green laser platform, a new visible laser product family based on its BrightLock monolithic chip wavelength stabilisation technology. Designed for medical applications, the BrightLock Ultra-G Medica package features a compact, user-friendly, very cost-effective and passively-cooled fibre-coupled source delivering greater than 3W CW at 532nm in a narrow core detachable delivery fibre combined with smart medical features such as low power aiming beam, fibre detector and removable blast shield for applications in dermatology and ophthalmology.

The BrightLock Ultra-G is also available as an energy efficient, compact and ruggedised package delivering a collimated beam of up to 6W CW of visible green light at 532nm, which is ideally suited for applications including long range non-lethal visual disruption applications in defence and law enforcement. Laser display manufacturers developing digital cinema and front projectors can also use the Ultra-G's BrightLock monolithic stabilisation technology for stable and passively cooled operation over a wide temperature range.