Raman spectrometers

StellarNet has released a series of portable Raman spectrometers that use InGaAs detectors to capture NIR spectra induced by 1064nm lasers. The SpectraWiz software enables identification of liquids, powders, or solids.

Fluorescence interference is problematic with 830nm, 785nm, and lower frequency lasers, especially with organic materials. Silicon CCD detectors get saturated and bloom preventing Raman spectra from being extracted. StellarNet's Raman-HR-TEC-IG model achieves 8cm-1 resolution with 1024 element PDA detector, while its standard resolution instrument achieves 16cm-1 and has a 512 PDA. Both instruments have integrated two-stage thermoelectric coolers, no moving parts, and are permanently aligned for shock-proof durability. SMA-905 optical input to spectrometer allows attachment of Raman probes or fibre optic sample accessories.