RamanRxn2 1000 analyser

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Kaiser Optical Systems has released its RamanRxn2 1000 Raman analyser, providing the fluorescence rejection of a FT-Raman spectrometer with the ease of fibre-optic interfacing of a dispersive Raman analyser. Using 1,000nm excitation is a compromise between fluorescence rejection and detection sensitivity.

For non-Raman spectroscopists, the observation of any level of fluorescence background can lead to a desire to move to a different excitation wavelength. However it is often possible to remove the background during a data analysis step leaving a residual spectrum of high enough signal-to-noise ratio to allow quantitative analysis.

While 785nm excitation remains the most universal wavelength for petrochemical and pharmaceutical Raman applications, some applications such as early stage 'dirty' crystallisation, biofuels, polyurethanes, heavy hydrocarbons, and some colourants or pigments exhibit fluorescence that is too intense to allow the application to be addressed with 785nm excitation. For these applications the RamanRxn2รค 1000 analyser provides an effective route to in-situ monitoring.

This analyser is offered with either iC Raman 4.1 software for reaction development and understanding, or synTQ-Lite for process monitoring and control where compliance to 21 CFR Part 11 and interface to data historians are required.