Single fibre assemblies

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Fiberguide Industries has introduced a new standard line of single fibre assemblies, which allow the use of fibre optics in potentially damaging environments. Fiberguide's assemblies have proven effective in a number of scientific and industrial applications ranging from light measurement, process monitoring and control, to UV-VIS spectroscopy, chromatography and fluorescence.

Single fibre assemblies are available with two choices of chemical resistant, non-magnetic sheathing to fit customers’ needs. For general purpose use, Fiberguide’s furcation tubing is comprised of a Kevlar reinforced PVC sleeve over a polypropylene tube. Furcation tubing is non-conductive and protects fibres with a liquid-tight seal.For more specialised applications, Fiberguide offers stainless steel monocoil sheathing. The monocoil is vacuum compatible and resistant to tight bending, crushing, cutting, kinking and high temperatures.

Both standard cable designs are rated for use at ambient temperatures. Single fibre assemblies are available with core sizes ranging from 50µ to 1000µ and wavelengths from deep UV (DUV) to UV-VIS and VIS-IR. Assemblies are also available upon request with ST and FC connectors, numerical apertures of 0.12 and 0.26, and continuous lengths up to 50m.