RepTile Texture utility for TracePro

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Lambda Research has enhanced the RepTile (Repetitive Tile) Texture utility in the latest release of its TracePro software.

TracePro's RepTile features are an on-the-fly surface creation feature that creates repetitive microstructures on any planar surface. It is an easy-to-use function that reduces the time it takes to build and modify a structure by allowing modelling of different geometry types as a set of thousands, millions, or billions of repetitive surfaces that can be defined using uniform, parametric, or file-driven-data to define each feature individually.

For example, the added DMD RepTile feature is used to simulate the latest edge-mounted Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) chips. This enables users to define the DMD so that patterns and textures can have correct tilts for each individual mirror, to model any pattern, or to set up tiled geometry to dynamically model any jpg or bmp image.

The solar emulator utility can automate setup and simulate both aim-to-sun and uniaxial solar tracking collectors. It automatically simulates solar collection systems that have solar tracking capability for user-defined time periods and user-selected geographic locations.

RepTile features can be used to model and ray trace surfaces with random or periodic arrays of repeated structures, such as brightness enhancing films, conic and aspheric fly-eye lenslet arrays or scattering features in a light guide.