RTS20x Series Raman Zoom Lenses

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BWTEK’s new series of Raman zoom lenses is equipped with long working distances from 20mm to 6m, expanding the utility of the company’s BAC100/BAC102 fibre optic Raman probes, enabling them to measure in places inaccessible to standard probes. 

The lenses are available in a variety of models, each optimised for different Raman excitation ranges. They have adjustable working distances and provide a wide zoom and telescopic measurements, allowing them to be used for monitoring processes behind optical glass and analysing samples in difficult-to-access places. 

The 6m working distance model allows for stand-off measurements such as those needed when working with energetic materials. The lenses can be mounted on a tripod and have a working temperature range of -30°C to +50°C.