Telecentric UV scanning lenses

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Special Optics, a Navitar company and manufacturer of high precision F-Theta scan lenses, has introduced four telecentric UV scanning lenses to accommodate large input beam diameters of up to 17mm and wavelengths of 266 or 355nm. Lens focal lengths include 34mm, 50mm and two at 100mm with scan fields of 9mm, 20mm, 45mm, and 55mm, respectively.

As with all Special Optics lenses, the new telecentric UV scanning lenses are diffraction limited. They have a deviation from telecentricity of less than 0.9° for single axis scanning and less than 3° for dual axis. The high-resolution lenses achieve ultra-fine resolution laser cutting and etching. With a larger input beam design, they achieve spot sizes of 1.4, 3.5, and 7.1μm, respectively. Ideally, these lenses are used in combination with Special Optics large output beam expanders for a variety of laser processing and laser micro-machining tasks such as cutting of solar cells, laser marking, laser drilling, and laser scribing.

In precision laser micro-machining processes there is a need to produce fine spot sizes to control the width of a laser mark, scribe or drilled hole while maintaining precise placement over a relatively large field. The ability to accomplish this is sometimes affected by minimal warping of a wafer or solar panel. Special Optics telecentric scan lenses, by the very nature of their design, maintain a near normal incidence angle of the beam to the work-piece ensuring that position errors and image distortions are minimised over the entire scan range.