S-2000AC Stabiliser Cleanroom Isolator

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Newport has introduced the S-2000AC Stabilizer Cleanroom Isolator, which features cleanroom compatibility and automatic relevelling. It is ideal for isolating optical tables. 

The S-2000AC's hybrid-chamber design maximises isolation bandwidth and stability. The precision levelling function improves repositioning after disturbance and the laminar flow damping minimises amplification at resonance. Available in several popular heights ranging from 16 inches to 28 inches, the new vibration isolator is equipped with precision pneumatic re-levelling valves and float-height indicators. For added convenience, the S-2000AC also features SafeLock mounting clips which secure the isolators to the bottom of any Newport optical table, improving the performance, stability, and safety of the system. It provides a 1Hz vertical resonant frequency and a vertical isolation efficiency of 98 percent at 10Hz. Horizontal isolation begins at 2.5Hz and reaches 95 per cent efficiency at 10Hz.