Sapphire series lasers

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Coherent has extended the power range of its Sapphire solid-state, 488nm lasers with new products in both its low-power (LP) and high-power (HP) platforms. The Sapphire 488 HP now includes a 500mW option. It measures only 215 x 140 x 51mm, and produces a very high-quality output in terms of mode quality, divergence, pointing stability and noise.

It is primarily targeted at biomedical applications, such as flow cytometry and fluorescence imaging. In these applications, the high power gives increased process throughput and improved signal-to-noise ratio.

Another new laser with the same high beam quality is the 75mW Sapphire 488 LP. This laser is offered in the same highly compact, 125 x 70 x 34mm form as Sapphire lasers in the 10mW to 50mW range. Sapphire 488 LP also has same very high quality beam characteristics as the Sapphire 488 HP.

For biomedical as well as semiconductor inspection and instrumentation applications, the combination of 75mW output power, compact package size, low heat dissipation, long lifetime and high stability make the Sapphire 488 LP an extremely attractive alternative to air-cooled argon lasers.