SC500-FC Supercontinuum Fibre Lasers

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Fianium has released the SC500-FC, which is a low-cost, quasi-continuous-wave supercontinuum fibre laser source.

The SC500-FC offers MHz repetition rates, in excess of 0.25W average power and has a single-mode fibre-delivered output which can be spliced or connected to any system or device under test.

The SC500-FC has been developed to meet the growing need for quasi-continuous, turnkey broadband sources for component characterisation within the photonics sector.

Delivering a continuous optical spectrum spanning from below 500nm to beyond 2um, the SC500-FC incorporates a high power optical isolator, which makes the technology immune to optical feedback and enables direct splicing of the single mode delivery fibre to devices, components and systems. 

The SC500-FC is the latest addition to Fianium’s unrivalled range of supercontinuum and ultrafast fibre laser technology and is complementary to the company’s SC400 and SC450 ranges of modelocked supercontinuum laser systems. All Fianium lasers are air-cooled, maintenance free and computer controlled. Additional features include fast modulation, with sub-millisecond rise and fall times, enabling fast interlocking and integration into automated processes.