Three ProLite Xt products

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Newport Corporation’s Spectra-Physics Lasers Division has launched three new ProLite Xt fibre-coupled diode laser products, all of which are based on the company’s advances in bar design, mini-bar design and beam shaping technology. 

The releases include: the ProLite Xt High Brightness Corvus  Fibre-Coupled Arrays, the ProLite Xt High Brightness Orion Fibre-Coupled Mini-Bar, and the new ProLite Xt Prosario laser platform.
The ProLite Xt Corvus lasers’ fibre-coupled array design offers expanded power up to 575W, complementing the existing Corvus single-bar products and providing customers with a comprehensive selection of power ranges and fibre diameters. The ProLite Xt Corvus lasers offer a high brightness output of 35W to 575W from various fibre diameters, at 100 microns to 400 microns.  The Corvus laser’s robust packaging and industrial grade cooling are uniquely suited for demanding applications that require exceptional performance at wavelengths from 790 nm to 980nm.
 The ProLite Xt Orion diode laser is available with upgraded output power up to 25W at 915, 940 and 976nm wavelengths and 15W from 808 and 810nm wavelengths.  The Orion fibre-coupled mini-bar features a compact, user-friendly platform that is easy to integrate into a wide variety of laser systems.
The new Prolite Xt Prosario features output powers up to 60W with a wavelength range of 790nm to 980nm.  The Prosario laser platform is configurable with fibre diameters ranging from 400 microns to 800 microns and NA from 0.11 to 0.22.  Compact and robust, the new design is ideal for drop-in replacement for existing systems, permitting flexibility in the output power in a system.  The optional aiming beam, detachable fibre, and electrical isolation makes the new product suitable for many applications, including solid-state laser pumping, direct diode material processing, medical systems, and life and health sciences.