Seed Laser

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AMS Technologies has introduced Quintessence Photonics’ new laser designed to deliver high power in a single mode beam for pumping fibre and solid-state lasers and for use in direct applications.

The seed laser can produce single-frequency 1.5W (CW) continuous wave beams at 1064nm and up to 1W CW at 1550nm, about 10 times the power output from existing diode-based seed lasers.

The QPC design exploits a two-part chip that combines a low power section and an amplifying section. It employs a semiconductor chip mounted onto a heat sink with hard solder and optional singlemode fibre coupling is also available. As a result the design is much more compact than other high-power seed lasers.

Substantially higher peak powers can be achieved under pulsed excitation conditions. The design simplifies laser systems for markets such as industrial, defence and communication systems.